RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, S.A.U,within PRM’s plan for 2013, plans to replace the support line to 220kV TelledoVillablino, comprised between supports 319-337.

Power Line Features
  • Start: Substation of Telledo (Asturias).
  • End: Substation of Villablino (Castilla y León).
  • Line Voltage: 220 kV.
  • Height: Zone C.
  • Number of circuits: 1.
  • Support arrangement: Staggered.
  • Number of conductors per phase:1.
  • Conductor type: GULL, de 25,38 mm Ø.
  • Number of grounding wirews: 1.
  • Type of grounding wirews: OPGW
  • Foundations: solids independent for each leg of support, mass concrete
  • Insulation: Glass
Summary of work done
  • Transport of supports and material
  • Repair and development of access.
  • Site preparation and filling.
  • Excavation and concreting of foundations.
  • Repair window sills / current foundation.
  • Installing grounded.
  • Repair / Piping of land put up.
  • Armed and hoisting of the new support.
  • Stringing conductors and fiber optics.
  • Hook, regulated and stapled conductors and CT.
  • Installing Accessories conductors and ground wire (spacers, shock absorbers, counterweights, beacons, repair rods, compression joints in vain, etc. …).
  • Removing existing supports.
  • Demolition of foundations in existing supports.
  • Restitution of access roads.
  • Making AS-BUILT ground plan and affected line section profile.