Since its founding, in 1989, Montajes y Obra Civil S.A. (MONCISA) has become a leading company in the field of electricity.

Since its birth MONCISA’s main activity is the execution of projects, construction and maintenance of electrical installations of all kinds. From January 2005, the organization expanded its field of action the field of telecommunications, always betting on Research, Development and Technological Innovation in all its fields of action for the Improvement of Service and customer satisfaction.

On 22 September 1997 Moncisa Formación y Control S.Lwith the goal of providing vocational and continuous training in the field of transport electricity at high voltage cable and telecommunications.

The company was created to meet the growing need to train skilled in new techniques of assembly and maintenance of transmission lines power, able to participate in the high number of projects and works related to the transport of energy in an area of ​​workers national action. Moreover, with the entry into force of the content of training in prevention of occupational risks and the creation of the Professional Construction Card for workers in the Metal Sector in the Law Subcontracting in the construction sector, the existence a training company with history, experience and resources Moncisa Training and Control becomes indispensable at the national level.

In 2001, Moncisa Canarias SA was founded, providing various services in the field of telecommunications including engineering projects, construction and maintenance of infrastructure (optical fiber, peer network, HFC network) and electrical installations low include voltage (street lighting, intercoms …), an activity that is planning to implement, offering new services, through continuous training of its employees in Moncisa Formación y Control.

Moncisa Madrid S.A. opens its doors in 2009 as the last company in the group, in order to provide improved services offered to its customers within the national territory. With a strategic location, Moncisa Madrid, is designed to be the logistics center of the group in maintenance and construction of power lines. It also has an activity of engineering projects, construction and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructure, telephony and television, as well as electrical installations High and Low Voltage.