Our company, loyal to its commitment to Quality, Health and Safety of its employees and Envirment Protection, has an Integrated Management System in accordance with norms: UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 about quality management, UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 about environmental management and OHSAS 18001:2007 about Health and Safety in work. The compliance with these norms is regularly audited and certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Moncisa has also the following certifications:

  • “Empresa Instaladora Autorizada Especialista en Baja Tensión” – “Authorized installing company specialized in Low Voltage” by Spanish regulations
  • “Empresa inscrita en el Registro de Empresas Instaladoras de Telecomunicaciones” – “Company registered in the “Telecommunications installing companies registry”
  • “Certificado de Empresa Instaladora de Alta Tensión: Categoría LAT1/ LAT2/ CSC1/ CSC2” – “High Voltage installing company certification“ in the following categories: LAT1/ LAT2/ CSC1/ CSC2” according to Spanish regulations
  • “Empresa registrada en REPRO” – “Company registered in REPRO”
  • “Empresa que figura como Empresa Contratista de Obras con las siguientes clasificaciones:I 01 C/ I 03 E/ I 05 E/ I 06 E/ I 07 E/ I 09 E”
  • “Empresa que figura como Empresa Contratista de Servicios con las siguientes clasificaciones: P 01 D / V 03 D”
  • “Empresa Inscrita en el REA”
  • “3 Certificaciones Termógrafos nivel II”
ISO9001,1SO14001,OHSAS18001 with UKAS