MONCISA has a team of highly qualified professionals, located throughout the national territory as well as technical means in continuous technological evolution.
Our professional team is in constant contact with our customers to provide an efficient solution to their needs in the shortest time possible.


Technical means

Among the many equipment the company counts with includes:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles for each work brigade_MG_1503 (Small)
  • Truck-mounted cranes for the collection of materials and assembly of supports
  • Civil engineering machinery: backhoe loaders, tractors, dumpers, hammers
  • Laying machinery: frenadora and winch equipment capable of laying up to 7,000 kg
  • Other aids laying and lifting: frogs, hoists, trácteles, pilots, portabobinas cats, compression machines, pulleys, lifting feathers, suspension stairs and mooring carts inspection, etc.
  • Fiber optic equipment machines merge, OTDR, power meters
  • Technical office equipment: subcentimeter GPS, Total Station, Thermal Imager, calculation programs support and line design (AUTOCAD, TECNOMETAL, PLS-CADD, SAPS, TOWER)
  • Various inspections and measurements equipment: meters of land, gauges and step voltages contact, etc.