Currently, MONCISA’s main fields of work are:


Electric Power installations

  • Construction and maintenance of up to 400 kV overhead power lineselectricidad
  • Construction and maintenance of up to 220 kV underground power lines
  • Construction and maintenance of Electrical Substations
  • Public lighting
  • Live-line works at Low Voltage
  • Live-line works at High Voltage up to 66 kV using the “Hot stick” method
  • Live-line works at High Voltage up to 400 kV using the “Potential” method


Optical fibre and coaxial cable installations

  • Overhead and underground optical fibre cable installation
  • Overhead and underground coaxial cable installation
  • Installation and comissioning of exterior nodes
  • Installation of coaxial cables in apartment blocks
  • Organization of optic frames (GGS type) for nodes
  • Optical fibre splicing in nodes and junction boxes installation
  • Optical fibre reflectometries
  • Optical fibre power measures

Telecommunications installations

  • Construction and Maintenance of HFC Network vlcsnap-2014-11-13-17h35m06s215
  • Interior installations of HFC networks for housing
  • Construction of distribution centers with FTTH technology
  • Interior installations of FTTH networks for housing
  • Installation and maintenance of FTTH technology networks


  • Overhead and underground High Voltage electric power lines (up to 400 kV)
  • Overhead and underground Low Voltage electric power lines
  • Design and planning of urban electrical networks
  • Electrical Substations
  • Public lighting
  • Interior installations: Optical Fibre, Telephony, Hot Water Circuits and Heating installations, Electrical installation.
  • Stress analysis for metal lattice structures
  • Thermography
  • Topographic surveys
  • Environmental impact studies, biological and archeological studies
  • Health and Safety studies