RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, S.A.U, within the plan PRM’s 2014, has made replacing support line to 220kV Siero – Puente San Miguel 1 props ranging from 99-101, 184-231 and 274 support.

The works were carried out in 24 support (18 moorings and 6 suspensions) of said line, which runs through the regions of Asturias and Cantabr
Power Line Features
  • Voltage: 220kV
  • Height: Zone A
  • Number of circuits: 1
  • Support arrangement: Layer
  • Number of conductors per phase: 2
  • Conductor: LA-290 HEN de 22,05 mm ф
  • Number of grounfing wires: 2
  • Type of of grounfing wires: Alumoweld 7n8
  • Foundations: solids independent for each leg of support, mass concrete
  • Insulation: Glass
Summary of work done
  • Transport of supports and materials
  • Repair and dozing access
  • Excavation and concreting of foundations
  • Remediated support anchors
  • Repair / Installation set to land
  • Armed and hoisting of new support
  • Hook, regulated and stapled drivers and CT
  • Installing Accessories conductors and ground wires
  • Removing the current support
  • Demolition of foundations in the current support
  • Restitution of access roads
  • Making AS-BUILT ground plan and affected line section profileTransporte de apoyos y materiales