Generaciones Especiales I, SL called for the implementation of the line to 132kV Palo Axis in order to feed the wind farm Carondio.
MONCISA was hired for the section between the supports 12 and 27.

General characteristics of the line
  • Line voltage: 132
  • Altitude: Area C.
  • Circuits No. 2.
  • Layout: Double flag.
  • Number of conductors per phase: 1.
  • Conductor: Condor, 27.82 mm Ø.
  • Number of ground wires: 2.
  • Types of ground cables: OPGW    
  • Foundations: Independent solids for each leg of support, mass concrete.
  • Insulation: Glass.
Summary of work done
  • Transport of materials
  • Repair and development of access. Site preparation and filling.
  • Excavation and concreting of foundations.
  • Running pedestals
  • Installing grounded.
  • Repair / Piping of land put up.
  • Armed and hoisting supports.
  • Stringing conductors and fiber optics.
  • Hook, regulated and stapled drivers and CT.
  • Installing Accessories conductors and ground wire (spacers, shock absorbers, counterweights, beacons, repair rods, compression joints in vain, etc. …).
  • Restitution of access roads.
  • Making AS-BUILT ground plan and affected line section profile...