RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, S.A.U, in the maintenance plan for 2015, made the replacement of the current condcutors at the 220 kV single circuit line Centenario – Guillena of the demarcation South transport, in the sections between the supports 17A 18A and span 33- 36-37.

Power Line Features
  • Voltage: 220kV
  • Height: Zone A
  • Number of circuits: 1
  • Support arrangement: Staggered
  • Number of conductors per phase: 1
  • Conductor: Condor
  • Foundations: solids independent for each leg of support, mass concrete
  • Insulation: Glass
Summary of work done

The actions carried out are:

  • Transport of materials
  • Conditioning accesses
  • Removing existing conductors
  • New conductor stringing
  • Laying, hook, regulation and conductors stapling
  • Restitution of accesses and land affected
  • Making AS-BUILT ground plan and affected line section profile