IBERDROLA DISTRIBUCIÓN ELÉCTRICA, S.A.U. is the owner of the Electric high voltage line 132kV “CARRUS-CEMENT” on which conductor replacement works were conducted in line 132 kV CARRUS-CEMENT.

The works that were carried out were the replacement of the phase conductors 132 kV line Carrus-Cementos between 30-19 40-30bis and support that runs through the province of Alicante.

Given the characteristics of the line, for the execution of these works has been necessary to use techniques work A Potential.

Power Line Features
  • Voltage: 132kV
  • Support arrangement: Staggered
  • Number of conductors per phase: 1
  • Conductor: LA-298
  • Foundations: solids independent for each leg of support, mass concrete
  • Insulation: CompositeTensión: 132kV
Summary of work done
  • Transport of materials
  • Opening bridges using live-line working technics
  • Laying, hook, regulation and conductors stapling
  • Strings benfing
  • Installing accessories in conductors