Since its foundation in 1989, Montajes y Obra Civil S.A. (MONCISA) has become a leading company in the field of electric energy.

Its main business activities are project management and execution, construction and maintenance of any kind of electrical installation. In January 2005 the company broadened its horizons including the field of telecommunications among them, always beting on research, development and innovation in order to improve its services and increase its clients’ satisfaction.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, MONCISA has dedicated its workers a hymn captures its spirit.

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Featured works
L132 kV Carrus-Cementos, 40-30BIS y 30-16 Conductor stringing
Supply, installation and implementation of anti-climb barriers in North and Northeast REE demarcations
L220 KV Centenario-Guillena, tramos 17A-18A y 33-Vano 36-37. Conductor replacing
Replacing supports L66 KV Granadilla-Chayofa and Granadilla-Los Olivos

More works

En los últimos años hemos desarrollado numerosos trabajos para nuestros clientes.

Montajes y Obra Civil S.A.


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